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Warranties & Procedures

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Little Train Shop is committed to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. We understand that no one likes a faulty product and we also understand that customers want a resolution that is fair and resolved quickly. This guide will outline Warranties, and our Warranty Claims Process. 


What is a Warranty?

All products are covered by a Consumer Guarantee and against manufacturing defects and workmanship for a set period determined by the individual manufacturer. This cover applies only when products are used in line with manufacturer's guidelines for the purposes they were intended. "This is a representation to a consumer, made at or around the time that goods are supplied, that if the goods (or part of them) are defective, the business will: repair or replace goods (or part of them) resupply or fix a problem with services (or part of them) provide compensation to the consumer. A warranty against defects is usually limited by time." (ACCC, 2021,

Details on the manufacturer’s warranty period for your product can be found in the manual, instructions or service sheets provided with your product.

Little Train Shop's Warranty Process

If you are having issues with an item you have purchased and believe it to eligible for warranty repair/replacement or refund, please contact our team by calling (03) 6388 9244 or by emailing to 

To start a Warranty Repair/Replacement process, we request the following information:

  • Photographic and/or video footage of the item(s) damage. 
  • Detail of the damage and/or fault in as much detail as you can.
  • What troubleshooting you have already undertaken.
  • The resolution you're looking for.

This information will provide our team with an informative perspective on what to look for when assessing the damage and/or fault, and provide our manufacturers with any necessary warranty claim information. Once approved, we will ask you to return the faulty or damaged goods either to Little Train Shop, or direct to the Manufacturer's Repair/Assessment Centre. Customers will be provided with a post-paid label to cover any associated postal costs. 

DO NOT send items back until advised by Little Train Shop and you have been provided with an RMA Number (return merchandise authority). Without an RMA Number, Little Train Shop and its associated partners will NOT accept returned goods, which will result in the parcel being returned to the sender at the sender's cost. 

Once the item has been returned to Little Train Shop or to the Manufacturer's Repair/Assessment Centre, a service technician will assess the product and will determine if the item is covered by warranty and if so, advise on a repair, replacement (or part replacement) or refund.

Please note, Little Train Shop will not issue a refund or exchange under the following circumstances:

  • If the product is outside the warranty period
  • If the product fault is not included in the manufacturer's warranty
  • If the product fault was caused outside of the manufacturer's guidelines for acceptable use
  • If the product is faulty but has not yet been assessed by our team and/or authorised personnel from a Manufacturer's Authorised Repair/Assessment Centre
  • If the product has suffered user damage 
  • For change of mind (please see our 30 day satisfaction guarantee by clicking here or searching for 'returns' in our search bar)
  • For service requests to be performed against our advice and the advice of the manufacturer/repair centre


FAQ: Why do I need to send my faulty item to the Manufacturer or Manufacturer's Repair Centre?

Many manufacturer's have a dedicated repair centre equipped to handle faulty products in an efficient and timely manner.  These centres carry the required spare parts and support staff to provide a repair, replacement and/or technical advice for or on behalf of the manufacturer.  In these circumstances, it is more efficient and timely to the customer to have their repair and/or replacement handled by these authorised centres. Little Train Shop is in contact with these authorised centres throughout the warranty claim, and will be updated directly as the warranty process takes place. 

FAQ: Do I have to pay for my item to be returned to Little Train Shop or to an authorised Assessment/Repair Centre?

No. Little Train Shop will provide post-paid postage labels direct to the customer via email to any approved Warranty/Repair/Replacement claim. 

FAQ: How long does the Warranty process take?

This can vary depending on the nature of the repair and/or replacement, along with the availbility of products and/or resources to complete the Warranty claim. You are welcome to seek an update on your Warranty Process any time by calling (03) 6388 9244 or by emailing to 

FAQ: My product is faulty and is out of Warranty, what can I do?

Please contact Little Train Shop to discuss the fault and the options available. You can reach our team by calling (03) 6388 9244 or by emailing to 


Consumer Rights and Guarantees

For more information in relation to consumer rights and guarantees, please refer the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) website. We've provided some quick links below to relevant pages to assist: