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  • Hornby R8213 DCC Select Controller

    Hornby R8213 DCC Select Controller Please note: The current version of this model is V1.6 (March 2020.) This version includes CV programming capabilities. The Hornby Select Digital Control is by far the perfect way to enter the...

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  • Hornby R8247 Accessory Decoder

    Hornby R8247 Accessory Decoder Being able to change points and operate accessories with the minimum of wiring and fuss is one of the main attractions of digital control and the Hornby Accessory and Point Decoder allows the operator...

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  • Peco PL-35 Capacitor Discharge Unit

    Peco PL-35 Capacitor Discharge Unit For use with all solenoid motors (e.g. PL-10 and Pl-11). Connect this unit to the 16v ac supply on your transformer. The capacitor stores up power and discharges a 'kick' to ensure turnout blades...

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