About Us





Little Train Shop is an online model train store specialising in model railway supplies, train sets, locomotives, rolling stock, scenic items, track and accessories.  With a dedicated online-only shopping site, we bring the Hobby Store to you along with the superior customer service one expects from their hobby store.  We're only a click or message away from providing personalised service, tips and hints, recommendations and any other support you need. 

Based in the picturesque city of Launceston in Tasmania, Little Train Shop is an Australian-Wide store that services the nation along with International locations including New Zealand, Great Britain and the United States of America. 

Established in 2018, Little Train Shop was founded by Callum who was originally selling second-hand models on eBay as a way to make some extra income.  With a rapid increase in positive feedback and a growing reputation for the level of personal service Callum was offering, customer's started asking for unique orders that quickly grew the hobby into a business.  Coupled with influx in demand, along with the closure of Launceston's only dedicated hobby store, Callum was inspired to open an online store dedicated to the model railway hobby. 

Little Train Shop's vision is to provide the experience of a 'Brick and Mortar' Hobby Store right from the comfort of your own home whilst still offering the personalised service you would receive from a physical store.  Today we live in a digital age and many people find it more convenient to buy their supplies online early in the week and have them in time to work on their layout come the weekend.  However, this method removes the personalised service of getting support, tips and advice you normally would receive in a store.  Little Train Shop breaks this barrier by providing hints and tips, tools to transform your layout, free advice, and general support.  

In addition to our friendly service, Little Train Shop also offers a range of services including DCC decoder fitting and installation, weathering of rolling stock, completed model buildings with lighting and much more.  Little Train Shop's passion and friendly service enables us to bring you the items and service you need, and the best price possible.